Two days of doing ‘nothing’ at Pak Meng beach

No lake sediment coring today, no long car travels, no rain and not too hot. Two days of doing ‘nothing’ and I am already missing my lake sediments. Maybe there are still some lakes with sediments in Thailand, which we have not found yet? I am sure that I have explained in an earlier blog how difficult it is to find lakes here that still have sediments. Finding lakes is not a problem, but except for the few ones we have actually cored, all the others that we visited had been completely dredged. Just hard bottom sediments surviving and all the overlying sediments have disappeared – no more archives for reconstructing past climate and environment left. This is hard to believe for people from Northern Europe, where lakes and lake sediments are plentiful, but is normal for people in Thailand, who would like to have clear lake waters and no overgrowing lakes and mud.

Pak Meng beach is where we are staying now, doing ‘nothing’. This is a lovely corner, with a long sandy beach, cozy and simple guesthouses, nice small restaurants with local food, quiet (except for the frog concert) and hardly any tourists. Boat trips depart from here to an underwater cave and to snorkeling places with loads of colorful fish and corals. Low key and far from the real tourist places with their huge hotel complexes.








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