Rains and thunderstorms

A wish comes true! I always wanted to experience a real monsoon rain with dark, menacing clouds, thunder and lightning, and of course heavy raindrops. Here it is now – I have got all I wanted and can follow the whole performance from my large window on the 7th floor of the hotel, all day long: heavy raindrops sounding like hail, dark grey to black clouds, almost dark at 5 pm, no views of the surrounding mountains, and lightning and thunder without end. However, with a fairly tight fieldwork schedule, I would have wished for rains and storms after we have finished sampling the last lake, not before.



We are in an area that generally receives much precipitation in both seasons. But now most of the moisture is picked up by the northeast monsoon in the Gulf of Thailand and moves westwards to rain out east of the mountain ridge that separates us from the Andaman Sea. But is this much rain normal? Today’s weather map for Southeast Asia shows that the rain clouds move in a broad band from east to west across Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, southern Cambodia and southern Vietnam and southern Thailand. So what we experience is part of a large-scale system.

SE Asia weather

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit better and does not have the same strong warnings for thunderstorms, extensive mudflows and landslides as today’s forecast. Let’s see how things develop.



The only thing we really managed today at the site was getting our long bamboo anchors ready. Nut is a real professional now and Kweku is learning quickly. We had hardly finished cutting the bamboo when the rain started and it has not finished since.





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