Being connected with the world

Wi-Fi is available at almost all the places here in Thailand where we have stayed so far, in the lobby and in the hotel rooms. This is great and it would be even better if it would be stable enough to send and receive mail, without being thrown out in the middle of sending something, not knowing if the recipient really got the message or not. A few days ago I tried for hours to send a message, which obviously never went through. I hoped that the connection would be better in the morning, but again it did not work.

Uploading text to WordPress works sometimes and sometimes not, but uploading media files is a nightmare. Even loading small-sized pictures can take forever, or can go very fast, or does not work at all.

A few minutes ago for example my Mac told me that I am having the best possible Wi-Fi connection, yet I had no possibility to access the Internet. Now it seemed to work for a few seconds and then the connection went off again. One really needs patience and has to seize the opportunity when it is there!

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