Google Earth and oxcarts

We have topographic maps and GPS, but even though it is difficult sometimes to exactly know where we are and which crater is which. Here again the village people are extremely helpful. They know their way around and can tell us exactly how to drive and where to turn. Most of the village people are pretty curious and want to know where we are from and what we are looking for, and why. Some may have never seen anyone from Europe before, except on TV and stare and stare until I smile, then they also start to smile. We are offered tea and home made delicious rice crackers, and start to discuss how old each of us is.

This time Lin Thu did not quite believe the villagers and wanted to double check on Google Earth that the position we had really corresponded to the site we had been looking for. Going online in the midst of this village, where people have no electricity, no running water and no cars and where the fields are still plowed with the help of cows, seemed quite normal for everyone.


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