Colorful Myanmar visa

We did it – flight Bangkok-Yangon, Yangon-Mandalay and Mandalay-Bangkok booked, express visa obtained, 4×4 car and driver fixed, and all hotel bookings. Not everything of course in one day, and not everything alone, but with the help of our new Burmese colleagues. It feels great that everything seems to fall into place finally and that we are actually leaving Bangkok in a few hours.

The line-up for visa applications in front of the tiny Myanmanr Embassy in Bangkok was huge yesterday, and although we had been there well in advance of the morning opening hours, it took time to gradually advance to the door-step and finally to to the counter where we got a number. Luckily I applied for a business visa and the row here was smaller than the one for normal tourist visa. When it was my turn finally, I was told that my black and white pass photo was no good, and that I could pick up my visa on the next day! This was not what I had wanted to hear. Making a new picture was ok, but waiting until the next day was not ok. So I made a deal with the visa guy: you will get a new picture in a short while, but I need my visa today in the afternoon. And it worked – new colour picture and visa pick up 16:30. What a relief! Another long line up in the afternoon to get the number, a short one in front of the business counter – and there it was my colorful Myanmar visa!

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