Baaska’s Song

Thank-you my little Flip Share camera that you allow me to travel far back to the light and sunny Mongolian steppe, while winter darkness is approaching Stockholm.

One of my best memories of the Mongolian trip was Baaska’s song. One evening Baaska agreed to sing two songs for me and my little camera in our ger. Sitting there, in his colorful dell, above us the sky full of stars, and just a little candle to light the ger, he sang the mother song with his fantastic and deep voice.

I wanted to use his song as a voice over for one of the videos, but could just not figure out which pictures to use. Should it be a voice over for a film about the horses, for a film about the daily life in the ger camp, for one of the cold and rainy days or for one of the many gorgeous sunny days? I could just not figure out what would be best – until today. It would have to be for the horses! This would be the perfect fit for Baaska’s voice.

So, here it is on Vimeo – Baaska’s Song.

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2 Responses to Baaska’s Song

  1. thea says:

    What an amazing video! Im a bit late out since you posted this in 2012, but well well, better late than never! I stumbled upon your blog in my search for volunteering in other countries – and that you for writing about your experience in Mongolia!

    I am kind of thinking about volunteering for Stepperiders myself, but I have some questions I was hoping you could answer!

    1) How old were you when you left?
    2) How much did it cost (what parts of the journey did you have to cover yourself)
    3) Did you have connection on your phone – could you send message to your family back home?
    4) Would you recommend this for others?

    I hope you find time to answer me, thank you!

    • Hi Thea,
      great to hear that you liked Baaska’s song. It is my favorite! Baaska is a great singer and a great rider. I am sure you will have a great time at Stepperiders, they are all lovely people.
      My age? Probably much older than you are!
      The only costs I had were my flight to Ulan Batar, and money for food. Stepperiders have rates for volunteers, I am sure they can tell you how much this would be now. It is easy to get in contact with Stepperiders through Facebook.
      I did not have any phone or internet connection, nor did I have electricity in the camp. But further up the hills I had connection and could send messsages or phone once my phone was charged again. It is a good idea though to bring a solar charger, there is almost always sun!
      I would definitely recommend a stay with Stepperiders, and I have recommended it to many people during the past 1.5 years. Those who went really liked it.

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