Movie time

Finally, finally I have managed to finish up a long promised short video for Stepperiders! It took me months on and off and when I found a little spare time to work on the film, I had forgotten how Imovie works and had to start all over again. But then once the film was finally done and I was quite happy with it, another problem turned up: how to save the thing to my desktop??? Did manage this too after a couple of attempts, and even managed somehow to export it to Facebook, although I have no idea how this worked out … just press a button and off it goes! And then, as the grande finale, I thought I should create an own channel on Vimeo and upload the precious thing there. One would not believe it, but it is there now, and I have my own little channel on Vimeo, for the whole world to watch. Isn’t this amazing?!

So if you feel like watching a short little movie about how gorgeous Stepperiders are, press the link …..

Spurred by this enormous success, I sat down and made another small film, called Bruce Lee and the Making of a Ger. The title features, as it says, Bruce Lee putting up a ger in Stepperiders camp. Bruce Lee is of course not Bruce Lee, but got his nickname, because he was not so very nice to Tonga and called her Panda, which she in turn did not like at all. So she came up with the idea to call him Bruce Lee, and since Bruce Lee features as one of the main actors in the film, which shows how to put up a Mongolian ger in no time and with the help of some friends, it is called Bruce Lee and the Making of a Ger. Also on Vimeo in a short while!

But – let’s be honest, I have still a long way to go when it comes to filming and editing. Maybe this will be my second career??

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