Relax, don’t stress

I’d love to feel relaxed and not stressed, but just can’t help feeling stressed. Less than two weeks left before the trip to Asia, and our visit to Myanmar, but except for an invitation and a promise to visit the volcanic lakes close to Mandalay, I have no visa, no flight tickets, no budget for the trip, and no itinerary. How will this turn out?

I bet it will turn out fine in the end; I will get my express visa in time in Bangkok a few hours after I have arrived (completely jetlagged) or just a few hours before the flight to Yangon leaves, which is about 36 hours after my arrival to Bangkok; there will still be fairly cheap tickets for the flight Bangkok-Yangon, and Yangon-Mandalay, and back from Mandalay to Bangkok; the budget will be reasonable and the whole excursion will be excellently organized; and the trip will turn out to be a most memorable experience. But – I can’t stop feeling stressed and I realize that I don’t have the necessary patience, at least not after this really busy autumn.

Once the heat of Bangkok starts to embrace me, the stress will abate and I will be convinced that things will turn out the way they do, most probably everything will turn out the way I had hoped for. And if not, then there will always be another solution – maybe an even better one.

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