Back on track

Holidays are finished and (real) work has started again. The coming months will be very busy with teaching a new undergraduate course in geology, excursions, meetings, writing and revising manuscripts, and planning for our upcoming field season in Thailand.

This (possibly) last field season will focus on obtaining surface samples for geochemistry and pollen in and around the two lakes in northeast Thailand, and on retrieving more sediment cores from our lake in southern Thailand. But apart from the lake studies, we will also initiate a new collaboration project with Dr Kruawun Jankaew at Chulalongkorn University searching for ancient tsunami deposits along the Andaman Coast. This project forms part of the research school on natural hazards for teachers, which will officially start in September 2012 and run for two and a half years. Searching for ancient tsunami deposits means digging trenches on a tropical island in December! Let’s hope that it won’t be too warm.

Another of our manuscripts dealing with Holocene climate shifts in NE Thailand is in the pipeline and has been sent back to us with a request for minor revisions. These revisions can easily be done, and hopefully the editor will accept the revised version.

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