I can see the grass grow

Rain two days ago, rain again all day today! At 7 am the sky was clear and it looked as if the day would turn out ok, but then thunder and lightning arrived and since several hours we are experiencing the heaviest rain ever.

Gaana removed the chimneys in all gers and closed the roof tops, this means no light from the sky window, but also no longer any rain water dripping into the ger, except in those places where the cover is leaking. Just like a few days ago, the we have a small pool on the floor of our ger with adjoining small creeks. It feels a bit like being in Venice, a bit of dry space and a lot of wet space!

Rain is clearly not what I had wished for today, because I’d rather had another day of riding, instead of waiting for the rain to stop. But the rain is extremely important, because the soils are still very dry and the water just percolates through within no time. Thanks to the rain, the grass is growing and the surrounding slopes are so much greener compared to when I arrived. Flowers pop up everywhere. Beautiful blue, white, yellow, pink flowers. Edelweiss and poppies are all around. The flowers and the grass seem to grow almost faster than I can watch it grow. I bet a few hours ago the slopes were still less green than they are now. If the rain goes on, this place will turn into a colorful jungle camp!

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