Evening ride with Puujee

What a luck we had this evening! Puujee, the horseman, took Jo and me on an evening ride! Puujee is probably the coolest person I have ever met. He is fantastic with horses and can handle whatever horse, is a brilliant rider and he has the most gorgeous smile. But then of course he is a horseman and has been around and on horses since he was small. Puujee’s wife Gaana takes care of the gers, and cleans and washes and keeps everything as tidy as possible. Gaana and Puujee work from early morning to late at night.

Puujee took us on a three hour-long ride, down the valley and along the road, then up another valley, passing several gers. We stopped at one ger, where Puujee had a long chat with the couple who lived there with their little son. We got off the horses, sat on the grass and listened to the conversation of which we did not understand anything. I guess Puujee asked how life is, and how they manage everyday, if the cows give good milk and if the horses are in good shape. And he probably told them how life in the camp is, and how the horses were doing there. After a while we got back on our horses and continued our ride, galloping as fast as we could, past other gers, angry dogs, herds of horses and sheep. Puujee loves to compete and so did our horses! This time I had a rather stubborn horse, which loved to run and did not want to anything but gallop and although I had a hard time controlling it, it was great fun.

The sunset over the tree-less mountains was gorgeous and fairy-tale like and signaled that it was time for us to head back to camp. None of us is anymore wearing a watch, and just lives according to where the sun is at the sky, which makes life much more easy and agreeable.

To get back we did not choose the track up the valley, but rode down one of the steep slopes opposite the campsite. It did feel a bit step going down, and fortunately the horses walked carefully and did not start to run! However, once we had reached the valley bottom, I looked back at the slope and could hardly believe that I had been able to make such a descend on a horse!! Back at the stable, we took the saddles and bridles off and let the horses run free to join the herd.

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