Lost and found

Arrived in Ulaan Baatar early this morning. The flight went fine, although I would not recommend Aeroflot for longer flights – the food is eatable when really hungry, the seats could not be lowered to rest more comfortably and the staff, although friendly, does hardly serve any refreshments. At least the price is low …
I have been sitting at the airport for almost 2 ½ hours waiting to be picked up. Since no one was there to meet, I tried to phone the number given in Lonely Planet – but it was wrong. Then I tried to go roaming to send an e-mail to Stepperiders, but Telia had cut off my roaming because I had already passed the 550 SEK limit. I sent a message to the operator telling them to open roaming up again, but nothing happened. Next I tried to get on wifi, but this was not possible either. No connection in the arrival hall! I was disconnected from the whole world, did not have the right phone numbers, and did not speak a word of Mongolian! How would this end? Probably everything will turn out fine and the best was not to worry too much. But I must have looked really lost, because several people tried to ask me, unfortunately in Mongolian.
Some of the people were taxi riders who hoped for a client, but of course I did not need any. One of them became really engaged in me, since he had seen me sitting there for a long time. I tried in my best Mongolian (!) to explain to him that someone from Stepperiders should come and pick me up, but that my phone and the phone numbers did not work. So this nice guy did everything he could to find the right phone number and to phone Stepperiders. It was amazing that the taxi driver and I could communicate, although we did not understand a word of what the other said. After about one hour, the taxi driver was successful and finally got hold of Mendee, who told me that he had sent his driver and that he should turn up soon. But so long no driver has been in sight. Luckily I had some chocolate in my bag and gave it to the taxi driver who had been so kind and who had accompanied me for more than an hour to figure out the right phone number.
So where is Stepperiders’ driver? Let’s hope that he will turn up soon. But then it is Saturday here, and some of the guys standing around told me that people here tend to sleep long on a Saturday morning. Just let’s hope the driver is already awake and on his way. My story had engaged a number of taxi drivers and now another one just came by and asked if I had found the phone number to Stepperiders. Luckily I could tell him, yes, and that someone was on the way to pick me up. But where is this someone??????

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