On the road again

Free wifi at Moscow airport, isn’t this great!? I like this airport, good food too, super friendly staff and nice clean toilets!
Moscow airport carries memories, from many years ago. The first time I came here was in July 1976. I remember thick red curtains, angry cleaners, an awkward smell, unfriendly customs officers and sleeping on the cold stone floor waiting for my connecting flight to Teheran.
More than twenty years later I was back again, this time to do fieldwork in the Yaroslav’l area north of Moscow. Great fieldwork in a fantastic setting and everything was so well organized by my Russian colleagues. Flying back out of Moscow I had overweight luggage because of the many cores we had collected, but Pavel somehow managed to convince the airline that I would not need to pay extra. The custom officers were really curious about all the mud and did almost not want me to export it. In any case I was stealing precious muds from some nice Russian lakes.
The last time I was here was ten years ago. Then we took the Transsiberian railway from Moscow to Bejing. This too was a really memorable trip!
And now I am waiting for my connecting flight to Ullaan Bataar. It has been my dream for many years to visit Mongolia, and finally I am on my way. Tomorrow morning I will have my first encounter with Mongolia and with the family, with whom I will be staying for next two weeks, Stepperiders. Let’s hope that I can stay connected with the big world also from a Mongolian ger camp.

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