The last Thailand monsoon film is taking shape

Hywel George from PlasticBuddha came over to Stockholm for a day to shoot more sequences for the last and final Thailand film. This film will portray our achievements and the bright future that lies ahead of us and will feature especially composed music by Joe Holmquist, a musician and composer.

Although we have still a lot of work to do to analyse the remaining two lake sequences, we are already making plans on where to focus next – Indonesia and its numerous lakes and peat bogs is a strong contender, but Laos and Burma would also seem like very interesting places from where virtually no long paleorecords are available. But this means establishing connections, involving interested researchers and students in these countries in our project, and finally – find the money to carry out fieldwork and subsequent analysis.

It is a long way from idea to final product! My first contacts with Thai researchers started in 2007, the first project proposal was submitted in 2008, and the project officially started in 2009. And now three years later, the first manuscript is accepted, and two more have been submitted. But in addition to these, we have produced two films, and these enjoy quite a number of views on Youtube. Making these films, which document the way the project is evolving, and especially how we do fieldwork and laboratory work and why we do all this, is important, because it conveys our research in an easy to understand way to all those who pay for it, namely all the tax payers. Although I have been lucky to secure some money for this last film, the search for money has been much more difficult than for the two previous films. Why – I don’t know. I would have thought that the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University would easily give more money, because our films are among the few outreach projects that have emerged from this research centre. But this time we only got little money, and I was even asked to provide a clear outline regarding marketing strategies and target audience should I get back to ask for more money some other time. Well, well, I sure have a target audience, but I have no marketing strategies, other than posting my films on Youtube, on Vimeo, and on my homepage, writing about the films on Facebook, and on my blog, distributing them to who ever is interested, giving them to our life-long learners in evening classes, or going to schools in Thailand and Sweden to talk about our research. I am not really sure what more can be done without paying expensive money to a professional marketing person!?

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  1. I also like your e-mail signature which contains several inviting links!

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