A new week, a new day and a new group of students

Sunday invited for a long walk in the surroundings of Les Eyzies. We chose the Boucle de la Gorge d’Enfer, which is some ten kilometres long and leads from Gorge d’Enfer through meadows and forests, and picturesque hamlets back to Les Eyzies. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to walk a bit further, and explore the small hamlet of Tayac, its old medieval church, and the horse riding facilities at Fonluc. From this side of the Vézère River we had a gorgeous view towards Laugerie Basse and Laugerie Haute.

Yesterday a new group of students arrived. As always, everyone found today’s meeting place, the parking de la Vézère, although concerns had been raised in Stockholm whether the students would find it! However in a small place such as Les Eyzies, everything is close and in walking distance, and very easy to find. After our usual introduction we walked to Abri Cro Magnon, where I explained the history of archaeological discoveries in the area and presented the major players, Lartet, Peyrony, Hauser, Capitain, Breuil, Bordes, Leroi-Gourhan, Movius, among many others. Luckily the sun was shining today and we did not have the heavy rain of last Monday when we walked along the Vézère, discussed the geology of the area, and the formation of rock shelters and caves.
Our lunch at Chez Jugie in Laugerie Basse was good as usual, and everybody greatly enjoyed the foie gras, the confit de canard, the walnut cake, and of course all the wine. It is probably good to have a long walk back to Les Eyzies after such a long lunch!
A guided visit to the Musée National de la Préhistoire concluded the day. Cécile, who was also our guide this week, was as brilliant as always! She has such a nice and engaged way of explaining the exhibits in the museum.

The program of tomorrow will be Le Moustier, La Ferrassie, Abri Pataud and Grotte de Rouffignac.

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