Still so much to see around Les Eyzies

The first excursion finished, I finally had some time to visit sites that I had not visited before.

La grotte du Sorcier at Saint-Cirq, a few kilometres from les Eyzies, was one these. It is a cute little rock shelter with a few engravings, and of these the sorcier or shaman is most famous, because only two engravings depicting a human exist in France for the Magdalenian time period. First I had troubles seeing the whole figure, but after some time my eyes got used, and voilà there he was in all his beauty!

La Roque St Christophe had been recommended to me by several people, and sure it is interesting to walk around the medieval houses that had been built into the limestone walls, to climb the same stairs and walk along the same paths as people had done several hundreds of years ago. But still it was not as spectacular as I had thought it would be.

In contrast, the visit to Abri Ruth, which is located some 1600 m from the village of Le Moustier, was a very nice experience. Monsieur Page, who is the grandson of the old Monsieur Page, gave us a long account on the discovery of the abri and showed us many of the finds that had been made in the abri and along the banks of the river.

The medieval town of Beynac with its castle is a really pretty sight, overlooking the Dordogne, the flood plain and the surrounding hills with more castles. However, one of my favorites is the Château de Commarque, which I had seen many times from Abri de Cap Blanc, but never visited. A very nice path leads from the parking through the forest down to the ruins of the old castle, which sits above an old flood plain. On the opposite side are the Château de Laussel and the Abri Laussel, where the famous Venus of Laussel was found some hundred years ago. The limestone cliffs around the Château de Commarque also contain numerous traces of former dwellings that had been built into the rocks.

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