From Font de Gaume to Cap Blanc to Rouffignac

Today was entirely devoted to cave art – to the polychrome paintings of Font de Gaume, to the sculptures at Abri Cap Blanc, and to Rouffignac’s fantastic mammoths, bison, ibexes and horses.

As always at Rouffignac, Fréderic Plassard, who knows the cave and its paintings by heart and who tells the story in a very professional way, guided us. Of course, Fréderic is an archaeologist, and his speciality is cave art, and thus he can really say what is known and what is just pure speculations.

Font de Gaume seems to have freshened up their staff and have employed younger people as guides. Both guides we had today spoke English very well and communicated the story of Font de Gaume in a very enthusiastic way. What a change as compared to two years ago, when the ladies who guided at Font de Gaume got constantly angry at me because I wanted to translate from French to Swedish, and who wanted to rush the group through the cave in a very short time. No time for questions, or if there were some questions, the answers were not very professional. In addition, the stories they told about the paintings were not very exciting. Having had this in mind, my schedule for each group for the Font de Gaume visit was about 20 minutes. But surprise, surprise – instead of 20 minutes, we got a thorough and interesting visit that took almost one hour!

Cap Blanc has always been a nice locality to visit and has had engaged guides most of the time. So also today!

Tomorrow is the last day of this excursion, and on Monday the next round starts. Same sites again! What an enormous privilege I have that I am able to see Font de Gaume and Rouffignac so many times. Who knows when Font de Gaume will close for good.

Thanks to all the guides for the nice visits!

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