Rain, rain, rain

So, we are back again in Lez Eyzies, the World Capital of Prehistory! With a new group of students, eager to learn and see the fantastic cave paintings and the famous cave stratigraphies.
This time I will be in Les Eyzies for two weeks. This sounds like luxury – spending two weeks in south-western France, in a beautiful area and with deep time and history all around me. But let me tell you that it is hard work. Talking almost all day, translating from French to Swedish, explaining again and again, and making sure that everyone is on the bus, comes in time and does not get lost.

Day one is our general introduction day, with a walk around the valley to study karst features, and to explain erosion, past climate and the formation of caves and abris. It also contains a guided visit to the museum in Les Eyzies, and lunch at Chez Jugie in Laugerie. It is just too bad that the weather is not so good. Rain all day, but how goes the saying? There is nothing such as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing! For the rest of the week, the sun will be shining again!

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