Grab and Fly

Left sunny Stockholm this morning for a trip south – France and Dordogne, and more specifically Les Eyzies, the tiny village in Périgord, where we organize our yearly excursion for the course on Human Evolution. Les Eyzies is a tiny village, but it is at the same time the World Capital of Prehistory!
The food that is served by airlines nowadays on short flights is most often not possible to eat, or is so little that my stomach shouts for more. Schipohol Airport looked like a good place to grab some food. I went for sushi and a fruit salad at one of the grab and fly places that are all over airports now. But what a disappointment – the sushi were plain disgusting, they tasted from the day before yesterday, and should not even be called sushi. Maybe rice ball with something that reminds of fish on top would be a better designation! These were definitely the absolute worst sushi I have ever tasted. Most of what was on the tray went into the dustbin. The fruit salad I had chosen for desert was not much better. At least parts of it were eatable, apart from the unripe melon pieces …. Why does food have to be so bad on an airport and so expensive on top of everything?
Years ago I had a really nice lunch here at Schiphol in an Asian restaurant that has disappeared. A good and healthy soup, with loads of vegetables and pieces of chicken, freshly cooked. I still remember this lunch, which shows that the meal was really good. An airport, which serves really nice food, is Copenhagen airport. It has nice restaurants, and a choice of Scandinavian flavored dishes, and makes eating a quick lunch very pleasant.

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