Department film on Youtube – finally!

The Department film is finally ready and on Youtube! Within only two weeks views have scored 453!!

People must be really curious about what is going on at the Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University. Curious about who are we, what we teach, where we go on excursions, what our research is about, what it is like to be an undergraduate or PhD student, and where studying geology will lead to? (I am just joking!!) Yes, all these questions are answered in this famous film – just watch it and you will be caught! The next thing you know is that you will check out Stockholm University’s homepage and of course the homepage of the Department of Geological Sciences, and that you will press the button for “register as student in Geological Sciences”. Of course, there is no such button on or on, but there is a study adviser who can help you find the right courses for you and who can explain more about studying geology.
More than 450 hits on Youtube for a simple geology film in such a short time is not bad at all, but of course our film cannot compete with all the funny (and often quite stupid) films that get millions of hits within two hours or so. But the many hits we have so far do show that geology is a subject that interests many people, that it is a subject of increasing popularity and that it also is a subject with high societal relevance.
And what is next? More films about geology or about my research in the Asian monsoon region? Yes absolutely, but I need to find more money for carrying out these projects and at the moment I have no money for more film projects. But who knows, suddenly something will pop up, the next filming might be secured and production will start ….

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