Fashion, cancer and the exploitation of people

Swedish TV showed a German documentary last Sunday, a documentary that is really worth watching.

I like shopping for clothes and shoes, and I like fashion. But after this documentary I am not sure if I will buy any more new clothes or shoes.
Did you know, that the little sachet that is often found in the box with your new shoes could give you terrible allergies?
Did you know that your beautiful stone-washed jeans are now made in Bangladesh instead of in Turkey? There are no tough rules in Bangladesh regarding chemicals, pesticides, or people’s health, so production is probably much cheaper there.
Did you know that black dye means an awful lot of chemicals? These chemicals poison the drinking water and the soils and colour them a beautiful green. The green clay around the factories is removed, collected and left to leak in a large landfill …
Did you know that workers in Bangladesh and India regularly die because they handle dyed clothes? The big companies of course pay some compensation to the families. But are 20,000 kr enough to compensate for human life?
Did you know that the so-called ‘ecological or organic cotton clothes’ that are sold by the large companies are just a big scum? Only 1% of all clothes that are sold are really made in an ecological way. And they are really expensive.
I did not really know any of this, or maybe I did not want to know.
Those who dye the tissues die; those who wear or sell the clothes become sick; and those who own the companies earn big money!
What I really don’t understand is how the owners of these companies can sleep good each night. But of course, those who produce weapons can also sleep well each night. So, why at all am I surprised?

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