Barbarawohlfarth is ranked 2,832,229 in the United Kingdom

Today I made an interesting discovery. I am ranked #2,832,229 in the UK and 0 worldwide. I could not understand what the whole thing meant, so I clicked on the link to discover that some strange place obviously makes rankings of, among others, blogs. The statistics I got for my blog were pretty devastating: less than 300 views of my pages/month, less than 300 monthly visits, zero value per visitor, but, and here comes the big surprise – I am worth an estimated 244.3 GBP which is 2592 SEK. Not bad!?

Maybe I should start working more on my blog, increase the links, the traffic, or whatever is needed, and soon my page will be worth millions, and some risk capitalist will buy it and I will become so enormously rich that I won’t have to apply for anymore research money, or search for money to pay my film buddies from PlasticBuddha.

It might be a while though until this will happen, but for sure I will try as hard as I can! I will from now on write blogs every single day, about really important things and I will increase the links as much as I can …. and you guys who read my blogs, please spread them all over the world. Help to raise me from zero to at least 0.000000000000001!

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