On the memory lane

Zuerich airport, my connecting airport of today, brings back many memories. On July 3, 1975 I embarked from here on a more than three months long journey that brought me to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. To places that are almost impossible to visit today, places full of beauty, with marvelous cultures, breathtaking landscapes and impressions that will forever remain in my memory. Zuerich airport also welcomed me back after this long travel. It’s modernity, cleanness and exclusiveness was a stark contrast to New Delhi and to the shape I was in due to the hepatitis I had caught in Afghanistan.

Many years later, when I had already started my PhD education, I travelled again from Zuerich, to one of my first congresses abroad. Later on, Zuerich airport became the place where my trips to many different places started and ended. When I worked at ETH Hoenggerberg, the noise of starting and landing airplanes always transmitted a feeling of the large world outside, of all the great places I’d like to see and the countries I would like to visit.
And then Zuerich airport lost it’s importance and Copenhagen and later Stockholm became my main hubs, from where I fullfill many of my dreams to see more of the world.

From having been an exclusive airline, Swiss Air is now Swiss and a low-cost airline, which over the years has gained back much of its former efficiency and customer service. I have started to fly with Swiss again, which gives me an opportunity to again walk the black plastic floors at Zuerich airport, which now seem so old fashioned to me, but which 35 years ago incorporated freedom, space and a longing for the unknown.

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