Still no snow in sight

We are making preparations to film the last part of our Thailand research. Next week Hywel George from Plastic Buddha Productions will visit and film us unwrapping the Thailand sediment cores, taking samples, and processing these in the laboratory. My script says that Stockholm should be covered in deep snow, as a contrast to warm and sunny Thailand. But so far no snow is in sight. There is a slight chance that it might be snowing on Tuesday, but the snow will probably melt as soon as it touches ground. We will have to deal with a no-snow scenery, and instead focus on the darkness and on all the Christmas decorations and Christmas lights that are now seen in all windows. I am sure Hywel has some good ideas on how to convey the message!

Some weeks ago we uploaded two trailers, one about a field course on Islay and one about an excursion to Iceland. The Islay trailer has already had 238 views and the Iceland trailer has had 229 views in just two weeks. It goes a bit slower for the Thailand fieldwork films, which have 258 and 164 views only!! What’s wrong? Why don’t people want to watch these great films? I really would need try to advertise the films much more … so here it is again – the link to Geological Sciences Youtube Channel. Just press the link – and you will get to our great channel on Youtube! Now you are able to watch all the great trailers and short films that have been uploaded since we created our own special channel. Why not share these on your Facebook page to all your friends worldwide? More will come soon, when the film about research and teaching at our department is completed.

Plastic Buddha Productions also shows the trailers on their Vimeo page, including many more of their current productions. You are just one click away from seeing some really nice films!

Once more I tried to alert Stockholm University’s communication office to our department’s Youtube Channel. I did get a positive answer on my answering machine, but since I got back to them, there has been silence. Let’s keep fingers crossed that they like what we are doing in terms of outreach, and that they will get back to us some time in the near future ….

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2 Responses to Still no snow in sight

  1. Armin says:

    Your activities on Islay are certainly getting attention:

    If there are any more Islay videos just let me know and I’ll mention it.

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