Darkness, darkness, darkness

Since we changed from summer time to winter time a few weeks ago, the days have become really short. Now it is dark around 4 pm or even earlier, depending on how cloudy the sky is (and it is often very cloudy).
But already four weeks from now the light will finally come back, and the days will become longer again. One probably has to be born up North to being able to appreciate and manage the dark part of the year and to enjoy the enveloping darkness. Of course, this dark part also has its nice parts. Windows are being illuminated with candles, and cultural events and happenings become much more frequent. But in the countryside, the darkness is totally compact, especially when weather conditions are as they are now, warm and foggy, with no view of the stars in the sky. There is still no snow in sight, which would lighten up the dark afternoons. Last year snow came much earlier and climate skeptics were quick to say that the cold weather would show that there is no global warming. But what are these skeptics saying now, when temperatures are much higher than normal?

Two weeks ago I was notified that my research application for continuing the Thailand monsoon project, had been approved by the Swedish Research Council. This was really great news! No more worries about insufficient budgets for the coming three years. Now we only need to get more good and interesting results, and get these published. Several manuscripts are on their way, one is currently being revised and two others are being written.
In a few weeks Hywel from Plastic Buddha will visit again to film our laboratory work, which will form part of the final and last Thailand movie, portraying the grand results we have obtained – although the real grand results won’t be ready until long.

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