Wednesday and Thursday – a week later

I really promised myself to write my blogs more regularly, but I just can’t keep my promise. Why can I not keep my promise? Because I have so much work, because the days are too short, because I am engaged in so many other things (besides work), or because I feel uninspired? It is probably a combination of all four, but I think most important is the feeling of not being inspired and with this comes the feeling of having nothing to write.

Just talking about my daily job is quite boring, although a lot of fun things are happening, such as the new research school for teachers on natural hazards (two of my future students will work on ancient tsunamis in Thailand together with Kruawun), or new upcoming research projects. Just writing about my research and my struggle to finally finish up the revision of the Thailand manuscript and to finally resubmit it is not very exciting either. Or, bragging about our Buddha films and that the Nobel Museum in Stockholm now has our first film online, although the film is a bit hard to find, is maybe not so thrilling anymore. By now the whole world must have seen our film/s!      If not, check here and here and here. But I promise, there will be a follow up, soon! And this last film will be even more exciting than the first ones. It will document our hard work in the lab and will for the first time reveal the secrets of our results! The release date is planned for summer 2012. Watch out for it!

So, what is fun to write about? What does inspire me to write? Watching people is really an inspiration. People sitting on the subway in the mornings and evenings, people sitting on a bus travelling to or from work, people waiting at an airport, basically just people talking, looking, waiting, sitting, watching, and interacting with each other.  I left work earlier today so that I would have some time at the airport to sit down and just watch and get inspired – but there was not a single seat available in the whole airport! Standing while writing was not really what I had hoped for! But now, sitting on a bus, I have all the time in the world (35 minutes to be exact), the only problem now is, that it’s just me and the driver on the bus. About whom or what shall I write now? About the driver’s nice Scanian accent when he announces the stops where no one gets off? Or, about the fog that drapes the little town of Lund, or about my feelings of having arrived in the countryside?

Next and last stop, Lund Central Station. Time for me to get off the bus!

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