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Last Sunday I wrote that from now on blogs would be written much more regularly. Today is Thursday and this is the first blog of the week! So much for ‘promises’ ….
Autumn is in the air now, but I am definitely not ready for it, not after this rainy summer. I am still hoping for some warmer and sunny days and I hope that the weather stays good enough so that I can continue to bike to work. My usual bike route is along Vallhallavägen, and then through the forest to the university. This morning everything was a bit strange along Vallhallavägen, hardly any cars and not many people. It was really easy to cross this busy road without having to wait ages until the traffic lights turned green. The other strange thing was a helicopter up in the sky. It did not really ‘fly’ it just kept steady up in the air, and only moved slightly back and forth. Really strange, I thought, maybe they are searching for something? Tonight I heard on the news that the police had blocked Vallhallavägen early today and had stormed the Lebanese Embassy because some crazy people had broken in and occupied the place. So that’s why all the cars had disappeared … and I was close to this event without even noticing it.
Yesterday a friend and I had a delicious dinner at a new Indian restaurant, which opened some time ago at Jungfrugatan 6. The place is called Indian Stories and has the best Indian food I have had for a long time. We ate their Stories Veg Specials and the Korma Shrimps and tasted the Peshwari Naan with cashew nuts, coconut and honey. This was the most delicious naan I have ever had. I will definitely be back and can warmly recommend the place!

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