Copenhagen airport

Here we are again, at Copenhagen airport. It is Saturday evening, 11 pm to be exact, our flight is delayed, and the airport is almost abandoned. All shops are closed, and so are most of the restaurants, there are hardly any passengers, and only a few more flights are scheduled for the next few hours.

Our flight to Reykjavik is one of them. With the delay and the time differences, we will arrive in Reykjavik at 3 am our time, will be at the hotel probably at 5 am … At least no volcano has erupted so far!

It is quite strange to see this busy airport so empty. Usually it is full of activity, loads of passengers arriving and leaving, and queues are long at the check-in desks and at the security control. The many shops in the airport and the nice restaurants usually make waiting here pleasant, but now waiting is just a nuisance.

My colleagues in Stockholm told today that flights with Iceland Air from Stockholm to Reykjavik are being cancelled because of a strike, so we should feel lucky that we are flying with Iceland Express!

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