Iceland next!

In two days we will be heading for Iceland, the island of volcanoes and glaciers. It is five or six years since I have last visited Iceland on an excursion with our PhD students. This time I will start with holidays driving along the south and east coast of Iceland and to places which I had not visited before. Hopefully the weather will not be too bad, so that we will get a few days of sunshine.

In the small town of Akureyri on northern Iceland, I will join my colleagues from the Department of Geological Sciences who are running an excursion/field course as part of one of our evening classes on natural hazards. What could be a better place than Iceland to have a field course on this topic?

Nerys from Plastic Buddha will be filming the excursion, the teachers and the students as part of the department film we have commissioned. I will assist Nerys to find the best spots and to make the interviews. This will be a new task for me, but a really fun task, because it will give me a possibility to better understand how she plans her work.

The department film is planned to be ready in late autumn/early winter and will be used to advertise our teaching portfolio, our research commitments, and our different laboratories. By making this film we hope that geological sciences will become much less abstract and more easily understandable for prospective students and a lay audience.

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