Back to routine and back to the Asian monsoon

Bought a bike helmet last Saturday, one of those that can be complemented by caps or hats in different shapes and colors. I thought it would be a good alternative to the normal bike helmets, and was quite happy when I found the shop that sold them, and a hat-helmet that seemed to fit me. But now, after having tried it out on today’s bike ride to work, this thing really annoys me. It does not seem to fit my head, and it makes me look like a 50+ year old Mary Poppins, ridiculous! Maybe I should get myself a normal helmet, one of those that look even more stupid.

Plastic Buddha Productions has sent us the first main edit of the new film documenting our fieldwork in southern Thailand in January. It is a very nice film, with beautiful pictures, and has a slightly different angle as last year’s film. This time the focus is more on the interaction between the team, and less about our painstaking search for lakes. I have watched the film many times over the weekend to check for mistakes and to suggest changes and additions. It will be great to see the final cut in a few days. It would also be great if we could make a follow up film, which would include the results of our analyses. We could then show how we interpret our records and which implications these have. One of our records fits for example nicely with the settlement history at Ban Chiang, a famous archaeological site in northern Thailand. But – to finance such a follow up film I will need to find more money. My next project with Plastic Buddha will instead be a film about the Department of Geological Sciences, and its teaching and research commitments.

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