Sweden invades Les Eyzies

Early rise this morning to catch the airplane to Bordeaux, which left Arlanda 06:30 am! From Bordeaux we drove east towards Bergerac, past the extensive wine yards, and pretty villages and stopped shortly in the beautiful little town of St. Emilion. This town, which is one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, is perfect for strolling around: narrow streets, old medieval houses built from calcareous sandstone, restaurants and wine shops. These latter contain however quite expensive bottle of wine and prizes of 60-100 Euro seem to be quite normal.
The weather is great, 25 °C, which is comparable to a typical Swedish summer. The fields are green, the trees are in full bloom and flowers are everywhere. It is great to have a few summer days after the long Swedish winter.

The little village of Les Eyzies looks just the same as when we left last year in September, nestling below the towering Cretaceous limestone cliffs. I hope that the students will enjoy the place as much as I do. Per just told me that the number of students from Lund is 29! First I thought that he had made a joke, because I had planned for 20 students from Stockholm and 20 students from Lund, but obviously we had misunderstood each other in our mails! He had thought that Lund would have a quota of 30 students and was happy that he could reduce the number to 29, and my quotas were 20+20=40! But my mathematical skills have never been great! So now here I am with 49 students, while all bookings had been made for 40. Never ever had I had such a large number of students on the excursion! Let’s just hope that the bus I had reserved has enough space for everyone, and that we can manage such a large group. It will be interesting to see how this will work out. Les Eyzies and its inhabitants will definitely hear a lot of Swedish this week!

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