France and Les Eyzies next!

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In a few days I will be off for the next trip. This time to France, and more precisely to Les Eyzies, the World Capital of Prehistory, which is situated in the Dordogne, east of Bordeaux.

Twice a year we come to Les Eyzies as part of the evening course in Human Evolution. We spend five days exploring the prehistory, the caves and abris, and the museums. Les Eyzies with its wonderful museum, and many archaeological sites within walking distance is a great place to learn about the Neanderthals, the Cro Magnons and the beautiful cave paintings.

This year we will be a very large group of 40 students; half of the group will be from Lund University and the other half from Stockholm University. We have never had so many students at once, and I hope that it will work out fine.

On our first day we will visit the Musée de la Préhistoire, the Cro Magnon cave, Abri Pataud and the Vallée d’Enfer. The second day is our stratigraphy day with visits to Le Moustier, La Ferrassie and La Micoque. New for this year is a trip to Pech Merle and Cougnac on day three. We chose these sites because they can accommodate more visitors, as opposed to Font de Gaume and Les Combarelles, which we had visited before. The final day leads us to Rouffignac, which usually is the highlight of the excursion, and ends with a lecture by Francesco d’Errico in the museum. And of course, the joint lunch at Laugerie Basse, Chez Jugie!

Although I have now been in les Eyzies at least eight times during the past three or four years, I look forward each time to the visit. It is such a beautiful place, and contains so many treasures!

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