On the road again

I am traveling again. This time to Barcelona, and the weather forecast tells me that it will be raining Friday through Monday! At least temperatures will be a bit higher than in Stockholm.

Traveling means airports and how boring these airports are. They all look the same, have the same boring and expensive shops, and the same expensive and/or dreadful restaurants with the same type of food: exclusive seafood and/or awful hamburgers.
Airports also mean stressed people, with bags from the duty free store, to stock up on alcohol or sweets or tobacco, or with some gifts for the family back home.
It also means small suitcases that will be taken on the air plane and that will completely fill up the overhead lockers, so that people get home quicker at arrival and need not wait for the luggage to be delivered. It means people talking in a variety of languages, people with different customs and behavior, people traveling in business or on holiday, people shouting or reading, and a constant noise.
Now it is boarding time – the worst part of the trip – am sure that there will be no space for my small bag in the overhead locker once I have arrived at my seat, or maybe there is?

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