Spring is the best time of the year

Spring has for me always been the best time of the year. Finally after a long winter, small flowers start to pop up and color the still brown surfaces in yellow, blue, white pink, and lilac; the first buds appear on the trees; birds start to sing early in the morning; the daylight is back and the sun up at 6 am; air temperatures are slowly creeping upwards; winter clothes are gradually disappearing and people are enjoying drinks in all the outside restaurants.

Already when I was small, I found spring the most exciting time of the year. I still remember how I jumped from one remaining snow patch to the other in the small valley close to our house, searched for the first spring flowers, and was stunned by the earthy scent of the spring soil. What a feeling to be part of a new start and a new year! For me spring was and still is the real start of the year.

Easter is part of this new-year feeling, and is my favorite holiday. Painting eggs with natural plant colors, decorating the house with new cut twigs and the first tulips, … what could be better!

Spring will be short in Stockholm, much shorter as compared to the south of Germany or Switzerland where I grew up, and where spring feelings last several weeks and not only include the first flowers, but also the first fresh vegetables. This has to wait in the far north!

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