Time has accelerated

I am completely sure that seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years have accelerated in the last decade. Ten years ago, I had so much time for everything, but now I find hardly time for anything. The days are too short to do everything I would like to do or need to do; the week just rushes past me – and each Friday it feels as if the week had just started and when I really realize that the week has actually almost come to an end, I wonder what have I done this week? How much on my to do list has been accomplished and how much more has been added? Three months have passed since Christmas, and in the same amount of time and it will be summer holidays. Double this and it will be Christmas again!

I am sure that time was much slower before. I have memories of long, long days and of even longer weeks that felt as if they would never end. I also have memories of years, when I had enough time for everything, when I could devote so much time to reading, writing, gardening, meeting friends, or traveling. But now all this lies in the past. Is it possible that I have modified the truth into a sort of golden memory? Or, was life maybe slower when I was younger? Maybe there were fewer demands and fewer possibilities, and there were certainly less information, less impressions, fewer connections to the outer world? Thanks to all the information possibilities we now have and all the cyber connections we can create through social media, life rushes past us – we try to grab everything and realize that we will never manage.

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