Spring has arrived in Stockholm – nuclear reactor explodes in Japan

Walking home last night I thought the streets looked strange and different! Clean in some way …  It took me several minutes to realize that the snow and ice is GONE! No more ice on the pavement and in the streets – walking has suddenly become the easiest thing on Earth! Did all the ice and snow just disappear within one day or were my thoughts occupied with so many other things that I had not realized the change earlier? Does not matter, most important is that the snow and ice are gone, and that spring has arrived, even in Stockholm. Spring means that the small yellow flowers of Eranthis hyemalis have started to bloom; soon the blue Scilla, which will form carpets of blue in all the parks, will follow. The light has finally come back too and the days are getting longer and longer. Apart from some smaller snowstorms, things can only get better from now on!

I really enjoy spring and the start of a new year. But this year my feelings are overshadowed by what has happened and is happening in Japan. Not enough that the people in Japan had to experience an earthquake and a tsunami, now they are also exposed to radioactivity from the ‘safe’ leaking nuclear power plants. I have no words to express my feelings, my anger and my sadness about this ongoing catastrophe! How long will it take to get things under control, to clean up all the damage, to heal all the wounds and to overcome the loss of family and friends? What will Japan look like after this? How will it influence the rest of the world?

Will politicians and the industry finally understand that nuclear power plants can never be safe, despite the most elaborate safety calculations and safety precautions? When will they finally realize that future energy demands cannot be covered by nuclear power plants or by fossil fuel? When will they start to promote and support green technologies which already today offer a multitude of solutions?

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2 Responses to Spring has arrived in Stockholm – nuclear reactor explodes in Japan

  1. ocpalestine says:

    Totally agree with you, Barbara. We MUST find other ways of satisfying the world’s energy needs. And MUCH MORE emphasis must go towards reducing energy consumption.

  2. ocpalestine says:

    PS: This is Margret (I’m managing the wordpress blog for Oban Concern for Palestine and using their login data).

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