Old time friends

During the last 48 hours I talked with two of my oldest and best friends for hours over the phone. This probably does not seem such a big thing, people talk to their friends all the time, to old ones and new ones. But with my two friends it is a bit different, because we had lost contact with each other altogether.

The last time I had talked to A was at least 18 years ago, and the last time I talked to D must have been three or four years ago. And still, despite all these years, when we talked with each other, we just continued where we had stopped the last time we met. Sure, we have grown older and we have collected a number of experiences, but basically we are still the same persons we were when we first met, 35 years ago. We know our weaknesses and strengths, we do not need long explanations to understand, we laugh about the same things, we deal with each other in a straight forward way and we speak the same language.

Although we all make new friends along the way and in different stages of our lives, those we meet when we are still young and those with whom we share important parts of our lives, always remain exceptional.




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