From +32 to -10 degrees C

Back in Sweden! The 40 degrees C temperature change was accomplished in less than 12 hours! From warm and busy Bangkok to cold, and comparably silent Stockholm! Time to dig out my winter clothes once more because the chill and snow have still not left Sweden.

Although I enjoy warm climates, I also enjoy the beauty of winter in Stockholm, the ice and snow covered inlets, the glittering snow and the crisp and clean air.

Now ‘real’ work has started again! But it was a rather soft start last week, meeting students and discussing student projects, and listening to an inspiring lecture by Zhengyu Liu. Prof. Liu came from the Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison and talked about transient climate simulations covering the Last Glacial Maximum and the last deglaciation. So much more can be understood and learned from these transient simulations. It was great to hear him saying that he as a modeller learns so much from talking to geologists! It touched my geologist’s heart! Data are after all crucial …

Tomorrow teaching starts in our evening course on human evolution. Many students have registered for the course and many would certainly also like to join our excursions to Les Eyzies in France in May and September 2011. During four days we will visit many of the famous cave sites in the Dordogne and the students will learn more about the life of early humans in Europe and especially about the Neanderthals and the cave art of the Cro Magnon people.

It is nice to know that so many people have been following my blog, and our travels in Thailand. Although I will continue writing my blog, it won’t be as frequent, and it will probably not be as exotic to report from Sweden as compared to Thailand.

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