Only one day left …

Only one day left until I travel back to Sweden, back to snow and winter and darkness. It feels a bit sad to leave, but I am also looking forward to be back at work and to meet my family!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year with big festivities going on. But the most important thing was to get up early and to cook food as offerings for the ancestors, followed by a getting together with the whole family and visits to the temple. For me it was just a day of holiday, and for the first time I visited the Royal Palace and some of the beautiful temples (Wats) in Bangkok.
Gung, who had been our driver during the last two field seasons, wanted to show me some of Bangkok’s attractions, and accompanied by Pare, we visited the Royal Palace, took boats over Chao Praya River to visit Wats, climbed up steep stairs to watch the sunset over Chao Praya, walked around the flower market and ended up in Chinatown eating dim sum. Thank you Gung and Pare for a very nice day!!

Today was working day again, first with Pare at the Department of Geology, and later preparing my talk for tomorrow at the Science School. Koy and Pare will join me to the school where 150 students (age 16–17) will listen to my talk! Just let’s hope I make myself understood and that I can make, at least some of them, become interested in geology!

This fieldwork was our last fieldwork in Thailand, according to schedule and according to research money (the VR grants run out this year). Hopefully we will be able to continue the collaboration we have been building up during the past years (we still have an application to STINT pending, fingers crossed!), and hopefully others will find means to continue the collaboration with the Department of Geology at Chulalongkorn University. Thailand is not just beaches and Thai food there is a lot of interesting geology too!!

Thank you everyone who helped us, thanks Nut, Moo and Koy for organizing such a great field trip, thanks Thanawat and Pare for taking good care of me, thanks Ludvig, Christophe and Sheri for muscles and thoughts, thanks Luped and Lek for safe driving, and thanks Nerys for teaching me the patience of filming!

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