Rain and storm

We are now on Koh, Heh, a tiny island south of Phuket. Only tourists stay here. But it is still better to be here than in noisy Phuket. In addition it is cooler than on the mainland because the storm and rain start in the early afternoon. And again there is no Internet connection, and the only exchange with the outside world is through Koy’s mobile card, which we connect to our laptops. Rain and storm and no possibility to go on Facebook, what could be better for Koy and Pare! Now they are forced to concentrate on reading and writing …. 

We arrived yesterday evening by motorboat from Phuket. Luckily we were provided with life vests, because the waves were high, the sky dark with rain clouds and the driver seemed to be the type who enjoys driving in high speed what ever the conditions are. Jesus, Buddha or Allah was with him – we arrived! Soaking wet!

Two hours of sun and then the storm and rain started. It is the perfect weather to get more work done. Two more days and then it is time to get back to Phuket, and on to Singapore.

Hopefully the sea will calm down until then. I don’t mind the rain and the storm while we are here, but it would be nice to feel safer on the way back.

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