Filming starts

Wake up at 6 am, breakfast at 6:30 – again! But I am getting used to it. It is actually great to get up so early, see the sun rise and feel the early morning breeze. Today was coring day and we actually managed to have everything ready by 9 am and were able to paddle out to the spot where we wanted to core. Paddling is probably too much said, because it was more like moving ourselves forward by pushing the paddle in the dense subaquatic vegetation …. It was a good work-out because it took about one hour to get to the coring spot. Times four (we paddled/pushed back for lunch) makes four hours, which is really not bad.

Today was also the first filming day with Nerys documenting each step we took. From getting the zodiacs ready, to paddling/pushing the boat out, getting the first core up, describing the sediments, wrapping up the cores.

Today was also our lucky day, because we were able to get sediments at several locations, not very thick sequences, but very interesting ones: marine clays in the bottom, then an isolation followed by about 2 meters of calcareous gyttjas.

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