In Bangkok

This morning I arrived in Bangkok, after a calm and pleasant 9 hours flight from Copenhagen. I probably found the flight calm and pleasant because I slept most of the time and was not bothered by any noise. What strikes me over and over is how people who usually would behave rather impolite suddenly become most friendly. Is this because they are on their way to a beach holiday in Thailand or because the friendly Thai Airways staff has such an enormously calming influence? If the latter is true, then the solution to making us Westerners polite and friendly is probably the following: smile at your neighbor and he/she will smile back!

Temperatures in Bangkok were already at 28 degrees C at 7:30 am, almost a 40 degrees C difference to snowy Copenhagen. And what a change – to start off at an airport covered by snow and ice and land 9 hours later in tropical, busy Bangkok. Luckily, the time difference is only 6 hours.
I easily made it into central Bangkok by taxi – the rush hour had only just started – and checked into the Chulalongkorn Guesthouse, where rooms for all of us had been booked by Nut. Sheri had already arrived and Christophe came to Bangkok in the afternoon.

The guesthouse is located in the middle of the Chulalongkorn University campus and only a short walk from the Department of Geology. The walk is very pleasant since the campus is like a huge green oasis in the middle of busy Bangkok.

We spent most of the day at the Geology Department working with Moo, Nut, Koy, and Pare and preparing for tomorrow’s workshop. This will be our last Thailand workshop since the three-year VR period runs out this year. But maybe we are lucky and will find more research money to continue.

We invited faculty and students from the Department of Geology to the workshop – let’s hope some might find it interesting. Nut, Moo, Pare and Koy will present their results, and we will also show our video “Under the eyes of the Buddha” (for those few who have still not seen it)

The Department of Geology

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